St Aloysius’ College places a particular emphasis on religious, moral and spiritual development. The College has a Jesuit Chaplain who works with the Christian Formation Team to promote an active and varied Christian life for the school and its wider community.

Whilst the majority of pupils are Catholics, non-Catholic and non-Christian pupils are very welcome and are encouraged to take a full part in the life of the College.

Since prayer, reflection and action are at the heart of the Jesuit way of proceeding, every form group starts each day with morning prayer and time is set aside annually for each year group to go on retreat. These are very popular and offer pupils the opportunity to participate in discussion, meditation and prayer; listen to visiting speakers and hear others speak about their own faith journeys.

Mass is celebrated regularly for both the Junior and Senior Schools in St Aloysius’ Church. There are opportunities for individual classes to attend Mass in the College Chapel at various times throughout the term. Weekly assemblies are held for the Senior School and voluntary Mass is celebrated in the Sodality Chapel every morning. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available at lunchtime on Thursdays or by request.

The College has a strong tradition of service to others. Pupils, with the help of parents and staff, support the work of various charities, including Starter Packs (Glasgow), SCIAF, Jesuit Missions, the College Children’s Fund and Pro-Life. In July each year, a group of pupils and staff go on pilgrimage to Lourdes with ten children from local additional support for learning schools. The College is also part of the Jesuit Companions Programme and we are twinned with St Aloysius Gonzaga School and Laini Saba Primary School in Kibera, Kenya.

Service is an integral part of Jesuit education, and Senior School pupils in S5 and S6 are invited to take part in the Arrupe Programme (community service). By providing a wonderful opportunity to learn and understand issues affecting people in local, national and global communities, the Arrupe Programme is a way of using one’s God-given talents to help others.

We contribute to a better world only by personally doing good now, with full commitment and wherever we have the opportunity. Pope Benedict XVI





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    Faith in Action

    As a Catholic School, St Aloysius' College places a particular emphasis on Service to Others

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