Aloysian Life



Main Campus

45 Hill Street, Glasgow, G3 6RJ

Hours of Contact: 8am - 6pm

Main Reception: 0141 332 3190

Admissions: 0141 332 3190

Junior School Reception: 0141 331 9200

Head of Junior School: Dr Brady -

Head of Juniors:

Head of Early Years:

Pastoral Secretary:

Junior School Administration:

Lower School Office: 0141 331 9250 

Head of S1:

Head of S2:

Head of S3: and

Pastoral Secretary:

Upper School Office: 0141 331 9230

Head of S4:

Head of S5:

Head of S6:

Pastoral Secretary:

Senior Depute Head (Pastoral): Mrs Erskine:

Depute Head (Academic Leadership): Dr Kilgour:

Playing Fields: 1615 Cumbernauld Road, Millerston, G33 1AB

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