Meet the Safeguarding Team

Meet the Safeguarding Team

The Safeguarding Team are responsible for all safeguarding work across the College (3-18).  This work includes:

  • Creating and implementing safeguarding policies and procedures
  • All staff training and development
  • Addressing all child protection concerns
  • Reporting, storing and retaining child protection records
  • Promoting an ethos of safeguarding throughout the College
  • Liaising with external agencies and appropriate authorities

Safeguarding Team

Isabelle Erskine – Head of Junior School & College Safeguarding Lead

Isabelle Erskine has overall responsibility for safeguarding in the College across Kindergarten, Junior School and Senior School. 

Ryan Ferrie – Assistant Head (Pastoral)

Ryan Ferrie oversees Pastoral Care within the Senior School, supporting the work of the Heads of Year and is a key member of the Safeguarding Team. 

Emma Doherty – Junior School Depute (Pastoral)

Emma Doherty oversees Pastoral Care within the Junior School and is a key member of the Safeguarding Team. 

Gilda Catani – PA to Isabelle Erskine and Safeguarding Administrator

Gilda Catani is a member of the Safeguarding Team and provides administrative support for the Safeguarding Team, Committee, and Commission. 

Safeguarding Committee

The College Safeguarding Committee is made up of a range of staff members from different backgrounds and departments across the school. The cross-functional committee is vital in ensuring a rounded and comprehensive approach to safeguarding policies and practices.

The Committee’s role is to discuss and implement aspects of day-to-day safeguarding practice including, curriculum development, pastoral care, recruitment, health and wellbeing initiatives.  The Committee meets at least once per term but also holds additional sub-group meetings, as and when required.

Members of the Safeguarding Committee:

  • Tina Campbell – Safeguarding Governor
  • Isabelle Erskine – Head of Junior School and College Safeguarding Lead
  • Ryan Ferrie – Assistant Head (Pastoral)
  • Emma Doherty – Junior School Depute (Pastoral)
  • Karen Brown – Junior School Depute (Early Years)
  • Aileen Daly – Head of Learning Support (3-18)
  • Emma Todd – Senior College Nurse
  • Shona Thomson – HR Manager
  • Cheryl Simpson – PSHE Coordinator
  • Gilda Catani – PA to Isabelle Erskine & Safeguarding Administrator

Safeguarding Commission

The Safeguarding Commission is an external advisory body, made up of individuals with extensive experience in safeguarding from a range of backgrounds including Policing, Health, Social Services, Law and third-sector organisations.  Commission members are appointed by the College’s Nominations Committee.

The role of the Commission is to provide the Safeguarding Team with advice from their various fields of expertise.  The Commission meets termly with the College Safeguarding Team and Head Teacher.

Members of the Safeguarding Commission:

  • Tom Carty (Chair)
  • Tina Campbell – Safeguarding Governor
  • Lorraine Glass
  • Fiona Stevenson