12th June 2020

9th Annual Caritas Award Ceremony

9th Annual Caritas Award Ceremony

Yesterday, we were due to gather at the Clyde Auditorium to celebrate the 9th annual Caritas award ceremony. 

While we cannot be together in person to celebrate, we can still congratulate and celebrate our remarkable  young Aloysians who achieved their Caritas award this year.

Huge well done to:

Nicola C
Daniel C
Niamh C
Louise C
Adam C
Maria C
Lucy D
Monica D
Carmen D
Ellis G
Charlie McC
Rory MacC
Conor McC
Kerr McG
Lucy McK
Jaxon McM
Grace McW
Daniel N
Jordy Dylan N
Leon O'B
Niamh P
Frankie Q
Sophie R
Ashley S
Ashin S
Ciara S
Paul S
Matthew W
Calum W