Whole School
24th August 2020

Examen on Working During the Pandemic

Examen on Working During the Pandemic

This morning we reintroduced the Examen back into the senior school daily routine.

Every day at the start of period 5, pupils and teachers will be allocated 10 minutes to take part in an Examen exercise. The Examen takes us through the journey of stilling ourselves; inspiring gratitude in our hearts; creating quiet time for personal reflection and prayer, and concluding with some intention(s).

"Pupils and staff at St Aloysius' are encouraged, through praying the examen, to develop a grateful attitude towards life - for the daily blessings in life which often go unnoticed. The examen helps us to foster an appreciation of our whole being, body, and soul, made in God's image, and loved and cherished by him."
- Mr. McBride, Director of Christian Formation

Find yourself a quiet space, set yourself aside 5 minutes and join us in the Prayer of Examen today. Visit our YouTube for a step by step guide: