12th November 2021

P3 Mushroom COP26 Trail

P3 Mushroom COP26 Trail

In our Junior School, we have been thinking a lot about COP26, climate change, and sustainability.

When we made our promise to be a Laudato Si school – we were reminded that Pope Francis asks us to take care of our common home – and make sure that we use Earth’s resources sustainably. We have done lots around the Junior School to help us become a more sustainable place, such as introduce recycling bins and put a bigger focus on climate education.

Recently, for COP26, Primary 3 were inspired to share what they have been learning in class with the rest of the School – and devised a creative Mushroom QR code trail for everyone to follow. At each of the 22 mushroom stops throughout the Junior School – pupils recorded a climate change fact for everyone to hear.

Warning of the risks of climate change, our mushroom trail helps educate about why we must look after the planet and why COP26 is key to this.

Each of the mushrooms have been placed around the Junior School – with other classes taking part in a competition to see who can match up each mushroom with its hidden location.

Well done to Primary 3 for their excellent work in creating this interactive tribute to COP26!