Delight in Learning

“We want every child in the Green Blazer to open their minds and uncover their talents…”

Our co-curricular programme is at the centre of our aspiration for your children to discover a deeper delight in learning. We want every child in the Green Blazer to open his or her mind to new things and uncover their interests and talents – using their passions to make a difference in the wider world.

Our curriculum is supported by the Ignatian concept of the Magis, the ideal that we should always seek to be more, to do more. Our after school clubs and charitable focus support our extensive Junior School curriculum in helping children find the activities they enjoy, giving them the impetus to continue to improve and find love in learning.

We aim to offer something for everyone, from chess and science challenges, to public speaking and charitable endeavours. After school clubs in key areas such as Art, Sport, Music and Drama have a significant impact on life as a Junior School pupil and are another means of enhancing the Green Blazer experience – both academically and personally.

Our co-curricular programme is a way to develop and enhance the work of the classroom, incorporating team and group activities as children learn to appreciate their own skills and those of others. This, in turn, helps us produce confident learners.

To this end, Primary 7 pupils are given roles of responsibility, not only leading by example in their daily conduct, but also taking on specific duties such as Head Boy and Girl, Mentors, Prefects, Publicists, Playground Monitors and Eco and Pupil Council representatives.

Through school-wide initiatives such as Pupil and Eco councils, children are taught to embrace the Jesuit ideal of service to others, which aids the all-round development of each child. These groups are instrumental in making a difference to the wider College community.

Similarly, through charitable endeavours such as creating food hampers for the elderly in Garnethill, helping the homeless in Glasgow and raising funds for College-wide causes such as the Lourdes Pilgrimage, the children learn the importance of helping others.

There are regular opportunities for pupils to expand their knowledge of the College community and wider world through a broad range of trips and visits, including visits to universities, science and drama workshops, places of historical interest and visits from professionals.

The children benefit from an outdoor education programme, which includes an annual residential in Primary 6 and the John Muir Award in Primary 7. There are also two foreign trips abroad in Primary 7 which help deepen and expand pupil experiences.