PE And Games

Physical Education is at the heart of St Aloysius’ College. We have a strong proud tradition in sport and with our new sports hall almost complete, the opportunities are endless. Pupils leave St Aloysius’ College having experienced a breadth and depth of activities. Most pupils build strong friendships and foundations through our team games, taking this into adult life. Sport in St Aloysius’ College can also be a great vehicle for elite to have the opportunity to progress.

Girls play all their Hockey at the Commonwealth Games facility in Glasgow Green. We also have playing fields with 5 rugby pitches and a sports pavilion.

2017 will see the opening of our new sports facility. On site at Hill Street we will have a games hall ready for sports, such as, Volleyball, Badminton, Indoor Hockey, Basketball and Tennis. We will also have a 20 foot fitness suite and a dance studio.

There are 7 teachers in the department and 3 full time coaches.

Core PE is taught from Kindergarten to S2. Within this curriculum we aim to improve hand eye co-ordination, balance, timing and control (as well as other physical traits). PE also aims to improve social skills and a moral code (on and off the pitch) as pupil’s progress through the Junior School and into S1/2 they will experience a variety of activities and develop an understanding of team games as well as individual activities. The PE department also offers the full range of certificated classes on offer from the SQA. National 5, Higher PE and Advanced Higher PE are offered to pupils from S3 – S6.

Every year group from Primary 4 to S6 also have a games morning or afternoon. This runs from 130-335pm (or 5pm if pupils choose to take up Rugby, Hockey, Basketball or Football).

As well as sporting success on the field our academic record is also very successful.

In 2014/15 and 15/16 our pass rate at Advanced Higher ‘A’ grade was 100%
In 2014/15 our pass rate at Higher PE ‘A’ grade was 85%
Pupils have been very successful in recent years. We have won numerous Rugby 7’s tournaments and we are unbeaten at Senior Rugby by teams in our division.

We have a strong Hockey tradition and over 60 girls in S5/6 alone participate every week. As well as Rugby and Hockey we have been in 3 Football National Cup Finals and we have Basketball teams from S1-S6. We also have excellent results in Cross Country and Athletics.